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I have seen the Showven Sparkular, what is the difference with MAGICFX Sparxtars?

  • MAGICFX Sparxtars are made in the Netherlands and has only high quality European components inside. 
  • MAGICFX Sparxtars are lower profile which looks better on stages.
  • MAGICFX Sparxtars have M10 holes for truss clamps
  • MAGICFX Sparxtars have a lownoise fan of EBM Papst (top quality German brand of fans). The Sparkular from Showven makes a lot of noise and sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
  • MAGICFX Sparxtars have safety components inside and is equipped with a tilt sensor.
  • MAGICFX Sparxtars are fast and start immediately when you push the button to get your effect on the cue. There is no 3 seconds delay like the Sparkular from Showven.
  • MAGICFX Sparxtars can be easily controlled by the fader of your DMX controller from 1-100% (0-255) and create nice waves. The Sparkular is controlled from 1-40% which is less convenient.
  • To use the Showven Sparkulars range and powders you need a kind of credit card for authorisation to fill the machines with powder. It’s a good idea to protect the machines for other powders but it is not convenient at all in our rock & roll industry and those cards might get lost, we kept it simple.

    The MAGICFX Sparxtars do not reach 5m!?

    • Some sparks of the MAGICFX Sparxtar reach 5m but the effect itself (most sparks) goes about 4m so we always need to advise for the max height for health and safety regulations.

    Why does Showven offer different powders for indoor and outdoor?

    • We’re not sure but it seems that they have different credit cards and when indoor powders are used the RFID tag of the card changes fan settings so the effect doesn’t go higher than 2m. From MAGICFX testings they have seen that thicker powder gets hotter and doesn’t give a better effect. MAGICFX just made the best mixture of powder for the best effect in common circumstances.

    Can we the MAGICFX Sparxtar outside?

    • Yes you can use it outside. But like with all effects wind is not a good condition.

    Can you make coloured effects with colour powder?

    • No. this special powder can not be made for different colours effects.

    Can we mount the SPARXTAR upside down in a truss?

    • No, this is not yet possible with MagicFX. Please refer to the truss-mounted Sparkular Fall for a waterfall spark effect. 

    How many DMX channels?

    • THREE.
      Channel 1 = Safety* 
      Channel 2 = fan speed 
      Channel 3 = sparks (feeding powder)


    For any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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