MAGICFX Sparxtar

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NEW! A real breakthrough in the special effects industry. The SPARXTAR (pronounced as SPARK-STAR) is the perfect and safe alternative for real fireworks fountains! In pyro-fireworks terms people speak about ‘gerbs’ when they speak about fountains. The SPARXTAR blows special metal powder (kind of titanium granulate) which creates cold sparks. It looks exactly like real fireworks. The big advantage is that it is not fireworks and no license or expensive insurance is needed.


The perfect and safe alternative for real fireworks fountains! The Sparxtar blows special powder which creates cold sparks. No fireworks or license needed! PRE-ORDER TODAY!



  • Adjustable height 2-5m
  • Create Spark flash
  • DMX Controllable height and density
  • Capacity for 10 minutes of full effect
  • Very fast, no delay on cue
  • Low noise


  • DMX on board
  • DMX Safety channel
  • Powder cleaning program


  • Temperature limit safety
  • FX warning LED
  • Tilt detection
  • Blocked output detection
  • Advanced temperature system
    (double temperature sensors)

Product code MFX5001
Box quantity 1
Size (LxWxH) 32cm x 30cm x 24cm
Weight (KG) 13,5
Voltage 220-240Vac / 50Hz
Power 400W
Control DMX512-A
Consumption MAGICFX® SPARXTAR Powder
Output 2-5m
Warranty 3 years!